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There are specialized operations in civil engineering or industrial plants that are related with the displacement of large and heavy structures. Such solution is called heavy lifting.
AICS provides various solutions for heavy lifting applications in civil engineering.
Lifting of bowls of elevated water tanks is one of the famous applications that AICS is specialized in.
The bowl is poured on the ground and then lifted to its location using AICS jacking system and steel rods to pull up the bowl weight.

Popular Questions

  • What are the main advantage of using heavy lifting technique?

    No false work is needed , less deflections & less time

  • What is the max. height we can lift ?

    Any height we can lift

  • What is the lifting point consists of ?

    Embedded steel Collar

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Acrow For Integrated Construction Services (AICS) is a leading Egyptian company in the field of design, renting and erection for Formwork and Scaffolding systems.

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