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It is characterized by the use of one basic size of shorebrace frame (180 cm high and 120 cm wide) combined with cross braces in order to obtain economic spacing of frames. Moreover, the telescopic shorebrace frame gives various height adjustments, which can be obtained with a minimum of component parts to offer high carrying load capacity towers for heavy slab construction at all heights.
In addition, the telescopic shorebrace frame is combined with a fully solid jacks at top and bottom of towers.
Vertical tube diameter of 60.3 mm combined with the telescopic shorebrace frame with an outside tube diameter of 48.3 mm offers Maximum safe working load per vertical leg of 5.4 tons.

Popular Questions

  • What is the weight of the shorebrace frame?

    29 Kg

  • What are the advantages of shorebrace table form system?

    Can be used for slabs thickness up to 320 cm & height up to 25m.

  • What is the size of the telescopic frame?

    120 x 165 cm

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