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Eco-Form System is a light weight panel innovative system where a range of panels and accessories are responsible for quick and economical framing of any vertical concrete shape in the buildings.
Moreover, due to the lightness and high-quality materials of the Eco-Form System, it could be either manual or crane handled for extraordinary performance.
Eco Form System is the best solution for foundations, cellar tanks, low retaining walls, parapets and small areas. This perfection returns mainly to the sturdy elements which are actually light in weight and handy enabling Eco Form System to be on top of the solutions used for such applications.
Moreover, what makes it easier to be used in high walls is the flexibility of the panels to be stacked upright or sideways to fit the intended purpose smoothly.

Popular Questions

  • What is the thickness of the plywood used in the panels?

    15 mm

  • What is the max. recommended height for columns or walls?

    6 meters

  • What is the max. pressure of the panels ?

    45 KN/m2 for walls panels , 60 KN/m2 for columns panels

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  • 9 El-Diplomasien St. , Othman Towers, Nile Courniche , Maadi , Cairo , Egypt.

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